RFL 2004 National Championships Videos (Robots)

This page will eventually host 320×240 full rate Quicktimes of all of the non-insect fights recorded at the 2004 Robot Fighting League National Championships in San Francisco. If you were a participant at this event and would like a 2 DVD-R set of all these fights, just contact me. These discs are only available to competitors and event staff at this time. Make sure you let me know where to send the discs, etc.

They are recorded as MPEG4 quicktimes, so you will need Quicktime 6 or better to view them. As they are fairly large and my bandwidth is not, please be patient as they may load quite slowly.

These videos are © 2004 AnimEigo / RSA. If you are a builder, you may make copies of the fights and interviews featuring your robot, for your personal use and for use on your team websites. All other use or redistribution is forbidden without written permission of RSA and AnimEigo.

The rating (from 1-10) is my personal subjective rating of how exciting the video segment is, for use in deciding which fights make any commercial DVDs. Your mileage may vary, and don't take any comments personally, after a full day of editing I get a bit sarcastic.

Please report any problems with this page to trebor@animeigo.com. If you are emailing a correction about one of the fights (name of robot, etc) please cut&paste the entire line so I know which one you are talking about.

**Class** **Video** **Rating** **Description**
Special CycloneBot 10 CycloneBot demo
Special The Black Mamba vs. Who's your Daddy? 5 Grudge Match: Quick KO
Special Super Megabyte vs. OUCH! 7 Some good sparks, and you can actually see the floor plates flexing on some of the hits!
Hobbyweight Io vs. Target Practice 5 Pushfest
Hobbyweight NumbSkull vs. Dandelion 6 One nice hit
Hobbyweight Romulus vs. Lil Shocker 5 Some nice box-rushes
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. Twelve Pound Spider (formerly “Clumper” 4 Active fight, but Chigger has no weapon, so a pushfest
Hobbyweight Shish vs. VD2.0 7 Some nice hits, and one robot breaks his thingie according to Roy.
Hobbyweight Solaris vs. Remus 8 Some serious airtime!
Hobbyweight Spatula vs. Scratch 4 Basic pushyfight
Hobbyweight Mr. Shadow vs. Underdog 4 One-sided
Hobbyweight Target Practice vs. NumbSkull 5 Target Practice practices wearing a new hat
Hobbyweight Lil Shocker vs. Chigger 5 Quick pitting
Hobbyweight Shish vs. Solaris 4 A quick trip to the pit
Hobbyweight Scratch vs. Mr. Shadow 4 Quick simultaneous KO
Hobbyweight Target Practice vs. Lil Shocker 3 Wedge war
Hobbyweight Shish vs. Mr. Shadow 5 The toughest weapon in the tournament is the arena bumpers!
Hobbyweight Target Practice vs. Shish 4 Wedge War
Hobbyweight Io vs. Dandelion 7 Nice fight with some decent airtime
Hobbyweight Romulus vs. Twelve Pound Spider (formarlly “Clumper” 5 Active pushfest
Hobbyweight VD2.0 vs. Remus 6 Some nice sparks
Hobbyweight Spatula vs. Underdog 3 Driving problems
Hobbyweight Dandelion vs. Scratch 3 Mysterious K.O.
Hobbyweight Twelve Pound Spider (formarlly “Clumper” vs. Solaris 5 Basic fight
Hobbyweight VD2.0 vs. Chigger 5 When good SRIMechs go bad...
Hobbyweight Underdog vs. NumbSkull 3 No weapon = pushyfight
Hobbyweight Scratch vs. Solaris 6 Basic buttkicking
Hobbyweight Chigger vs. NumbSkull 3 Quick KO wedgewar, with entertaining RoyBlithering™
Hobbyweight Solaris vs. Lil Shocker 4 Quick pit-out
Hobbyweight NumbSkull vs. Mr. Shadow 5 Good basic fight
Hobbyweight Lil Shocker vs. Mr. Shadow 6 It's da pits
Hobbyweight Lil Shocker vs. Shish 4 Wedge on Wedge action
Hobbyweight Solaris vs. Spatula 8 Brick + Drum = Airtime
Featherweight Helios vs. Beelzebub 6 The Pit of Inconvenience strikes!
Featherweight Sunflower vs. Green Eye Silver Dragon 6 Once nice bit of airtime
Featherweight Totally Manipulative (was Anorexia) vs. VD3.3HF (hellfire) 5 I once again demonstrate my total lack of driving skill.
Featherweight Doom vs. Totally Offensive 7 T.O. skates to victory
Featherweight Morpheus vs. Kick-me Mo 3 Morpheus commits suicide by throwing itself in the Pit of Inconvenience™
Featherweight The Bully vs. Killabyte 6 The Bully repeatedly whacks his head into Killabyte's shell.
Featherweight Beelzebub vs. Bear Tracks 3 Quick KO
Featherweight TS vs. Sunflower 5 Sunflower feels claustrophobic and leaps out of the arena!
Featherweight VD3.3HF (hellfire) vs. Totally Offensive 9 What the father could not do, the children achieve. Team Mad Overlord's long awaited vengeance on VD3.
Featherweight Kick-me Mo vs. The Bully 3 Slow motion fight
Featherweight Bear Tracks vs. TS 6 Okay, I admit it, I like bar spinners...
Featherweight Totally Offensive vs. The Bully 8 TO keeps hitting, and The Bully keeps coming back for more. The only TO fight at Nationals that went the distance
Featherweight Bear Tracks vs. Totally Offensive 7 When two nasty bar spinners go head to head, there's sure to be parts flyin' and robots dyin'
Featherweight Totally Manipulative (was Anorexia) vs. Doom 3 Trebor can't drive, he no good at it, Trebor can't drive, he suck bad...
Featherweight Morpheus vs. Killabyte 5 Some nice sparks
Featherweight Helios vs. Kick-me Mo 6 Thwack! Thank you sir, may I have another? Thwack!
Featherweight Green Eye Silver Dragon vs. VD3.3HF (hellfire) 8 Flame on, Baby!
Featherweight Doom vs. Sunflower 6 You know you're in trouble when your KE-bot opponent turns off the weapon...
Featherweight Morpheus vs. Beelzebub 5 Jr gets owned...
Featherweight Helios vs. VD3.3HF (hellfire) 7 Great fight, good airtime, and a great blow at the buzzer!
Featherweight Sunflower vs. Beelzebub 6 Some nice airtime, but not by whom you'd expect...
Featherweight VD3.3HF (hellfire) vs. TS 3 Quick pushout
Featherweight Sunflower vs. The Bully 8 A primer on how to beat a drumbot. Only one slo-mo because there's no dead periods in the fight!
Featherweight VD3.3HF (hellfire) vs. The Bully 7 Literal Knockout
Featherweight VD3.3HF (hellfire) vs. Bear Tracks 7 Whack! Whack! Whack!
Lightweight The Droogosh vs. New Attitude 7 You're out! Literally!
Lightweight The Coyote vs. Hexy Jr 6 A couple of nice flips
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Wiped Out 8 When robots get stuck on each other, you have to pry them apart with a crowbar!
Lightweight New Attitude vs. Wipe Out #2 7 Everything a wedge battle ought to be!
Lightweight AGSMA vs. Hexy Jr 3 Getting stuck in a seam only delays the defeat of one of these robots
Lightweight Matts Slammer vs. VD4.0 7 Off with his head, then throw out the trash!
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. West Side Glory (Slap Em Silly) 6 It's turtle time!
Lightweight Wipe Out #2 vs. AGSMA 6 Good old-fashion headbanging
Lightweight VD4.0 vs. West Side Glory (Slap Em Silly) 4 Sparks and shoving
Lightweight Wipe Out #2 vs. West Side Glory (Slap Em Silly) 6 Wipe Out can't cling on...
Lightweight The Droogosh vs. Ground Zero 6 Ground Zero breaks a tooth
Lightweight The Coyote vs. Matts Slammer 3 Driving problems
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. The Coyote 7 Quick KO, some good hits
Lightweight Hexy Jr vs. New Attitude 6 Simultaneous pitting!
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. AGSMA 8 Lots of great hits with airtime
Lightweight New Attitude vs. VD4.0 5 Great start
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. New Attitude 7 Short fight, but good hits
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Wipe Out #2 8 So many hits that I didn't have time for much slomo!
Middleweight Swamp Thing vs. Nefarious 8 This one ends in a literal knockout!
Middleweight Nefarious vs. Another Boring Wedge 6 Nefarious finds himself pitted against a wedge.
Middleweight Nasty Attitude vs. Devil's Plunger 8 I ain't 'fraid of no pit!
Middleweight Killjoy vs. The Black Mamba 5 Breaking up is hard to do, even if I use a crowbar on you...
Middleweight Stahl vs. Max Wedge 4 Quick KO
Middleweight Another Boring Wedge vs. Devil's Plunger 6 Energetic wedge fight
Middleweight Killjoy vs. Max Wedge 7 If da weapon it break, da wedge it be verry verry happy!
Middleweight Devil's Plunger vs. Max Wedge 9 Non-stop back and forth asskicking! No dead time for instant-replays. One of the all-time best wedge-on-wedge fights!
Middleweight Swamp Thing vs. Stahl 8 About as good as a wedge-war gets!
Middleweight Stahl vs. The Black Mamba 4 Unusual simultaneous dual bumper wedging.
Middleweight Nasty Attitude vs. Nefarious 5 Drivetrain problems render Nefarious not nasty at all.
Middleweight Stahl vs. Another Boring Wedge 6 Good energetic wedgewar
Middleweight Nasty Attitude vs. Killjoy 8 You're outta there!
Middleweight Stahl vs. Nasty Attitude 8 Great wedge fight
Middleweight Nasty Attitude vs. Devil's Plunger 7 Two great wedges, two great drivers, one annoying pit.
Heavyweight CycloneBot vs. Vicious Circle 6 Some nice hits, before the cyclone dissipates...
Heavyweight Megabyte vs. SJ 10 See Megabyte Bounce! Bounce, Megabyte, Bounce!
Heavyweight Vicious Circle vs. Shiva 6 Some nice sparks in this one
Heavyweight SuperFly vs. SJ 4 Mechanical problems early.
Heavyweight Vicious Circle vs. SJ 6 Nice sparks!
Heavyweight CycloneBot vs. SuperFly 6 Gotta love those LEDs
Heavyweight CycloneBot vs. Megabyte 7 Quick whacking. Whack! Whack!
Heavyweight Megabyte vs. Vicious Circle 8 The ending of this fight can only be described one way: One robot gets royally shucked.
HeavyweightOpen Spinning Mayhem vs. Final Verdict 5 Quick KO
HeavyweightOpen Spinning Mayhem vs. Indestructable Crazy Blue Monkey (I.C.B.M.) 6 Flat spots on bots - bad...
HeavyweightOpen Spinning Mayhem vs. Stormovik 5 The only thing worse for a spinner than being upside down is balancing on one's side...
HeavyweightOpen Spinning Mayhem vs. Sewer Snake 3 Spinner gets cornered
HeavyweightOpen Final Verdict vs. Stormovik 6 One nice hit
HeavyweightOpen Final Verdict vs. Sewer Snake 3 Final Verdict can't spin up
HeavyweightOpen Indestructable Crazy Blue Monkey (I.C.B.M.) vs. Stormovik 5 Pushyfight
HeavyweightOpen Indestructable Crazy Blue Monkey (I.C.B.M.) vs. Sewer Snake 6 Quick buttkicking
HeavyweightOpen Indestructable Crazy Blue Monkey (I.C.B.M.) vs. Speedy 3 Speedy smokes up a storm
HeavyweightOpen Stormovik vs. Sewer Snake 4 One robot has immedite drive problems
SuperHeavyweight Tombstone vs. SHOVELHEAD 7 A quick whacking... Nothing personal, it's just business.
SuperHeavyweight Tombstone vs. Alcoholic Stepfather 3.0 7 Starts out great, then things break or run out of gas.
SuperHeavyweight Tombstone vs. Blue Engine 8 R.I.P. L.B.E.
SuperHeavyweight Tombstone vs. Super Megabyte 7 The great rivalry continues.
SuperHeavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Alcoholic Stepfather 3.0 8 Alcoholic Stepfather gets the bum's rush -- and ends up in the gutter.
SuperHeavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Blue Engine 7 Big bruising bots bash bodaciously!
SuperHeavyweight SHOVELHEAD vs. Super Megabyte 4 Super M gets cornered
SuperHeavyweight Alcoholic Stepfather 3.0 vs. Little Blue Engine 8 Flame on, baby! Alcoholic Stepfather overloads our cameras!
SuperHeavyweight Alcoholic Stepfather 3.0 vs. Super Megabyte 8 Flame on, dude! It's spinner flambe for dinner!
SuperHeavyweight Blue Engine vs. Super Megabyte 8 1 minute of solid sparking!
SuperHeavyweight Tombstone vs. SHOVELHEAD 5 The wear and t ear of a long tournament makes the difference when the mega-spinner meets the Ÿber-brick!
Championship Lil Shocker vs. Target Practice 5 Wittle Wedges Whack Willy-Nilly in this Championship Match
Championship Bear Tracks vs. Totally Offensive 7 The two nastiest spinners in the Featherweight class take turns kicking the living crap out of each other
Championship Ground Zero vs. West Side Glory (Slap Em Silly) 6 A classic confrontation; Titanium-armored Wedge vs. Full Body Spinner
Championship Devil's Plunger vs. Max Wedge 8 You know it's a great fight when there's no time for instant replays! Two great wedges with two great drivers put on a show!
Championship Megabyte vs. SJ 7 Strategy will be the key to victory in the Heavyweight Finals