2007 Robogames Videos (Robots)

Totally Offensive was very lucky and spun its way to 1st place at RoboGames 2007. The bot stayed healthy just long enough, and our opponents caught some real bad breaks.

We also took a new HiDef camera to the event, and Judge Dave kindly donated some virgin lexan to shoot through. This was our first try at HiDef work, and there was a learning curve, but I think you'll enjoy the results. In particular, HD needs more light than regular video, which is why you'll see some motion blur in the slo-mo segments. It also is more likely to suffer from video dropouts, which means a higher quality of tape is essential.

I've edited all the fights and will update the page as soon as I can get them output and encoded. These videos are actually 1/16 HD resolution (divided by 4 both horizontally and vertically).

Fights appear in chronological order within their weight class; we got almost all the fights but a few are missing. If you notice any mistakes, or problems with particular videos, please email me and let me know. In many cases, it was hard for me to figure out which robots were which, in particular in the smaller weight classes. It would really help if your robot pictures in BuildersDB were up to date; this would have saved me a couple of hours!

As these videos are encoded with the H.264 codec, you will need Quicktime 7 in order to view them. So if none of the videos play for you, that's probably the issue. Please also keep in mind that my bandwidth is limited, so download only one video at a time. If you have video problems (freezes, for example) at the start of the clips, this is probably because not enough of the clip is being downloaded before QT starts playing it; you can fix that by changing your Quicktime settings so that Quicktime waits longer before starting to play the clip and/or telling Quicktime your network connection is a bit slower.

Hobbyweight (12 lb)

Featherweight (30 lb)

Lightweight (60 lb)

Middleweight (120 lb)

Heavyweight (220 lb)

Super-Heavyweight (340 lb)