Robot Assault 2003 Videos (Robots)

This page contains 160×120 full rate Quicktimes of all of the fights recorded at Robot Assault 2003.

They are recorded as MPEG4 quicktimes, so you will need Quicktime 6 or better to view them.

These videos are © 2003 AnimEigo / SECR. If you are a builder, you may make copies of the fights and interviews featuring your robot, for your personal use and for use on your team websites. All other use or redistribution is forbidden without written permission of SECR and AnimEigo.

The rating (from 1-10) is my personal subjective rating of how exciting the video segment is. Your mileage may vary.

**Class** **Video** **Rating** **Description**
Special Green Wave vs. Beasts of Redmond 10 Green Wave shows us what happen when naughty office equipment goes where it shouldn’t. Note: No Macintoshes were harmed during the making of this clip (320x240)
Interview Alex Grant 5 Alex Grant gives us the skinny about Medulla Omblongata.
Interview Awards 5 The Robot Assault Awards Ceremony.
Interview Chris Hannold 5 Chris Hannold waxes lyrical on the virtues of Wedgebots.
Interview Chris Hannold 5 Chris Hannold attempts to convince us that the damage “ain’t no big thing” after his fight with Shredderator.
Interview David Cho 5 David Cho introduces his robot, WarSaw
Interview Jamie Price 7 Jamie Price shows us what happens when bad things happen to good robots.
Interview Jay Johnson 7 Jay Johnson demonstrates he’s been practicing his interview skills as he gives us the low-down on Heavy Metal Noise.
Interview Jay Johnson 7 Jay Johnson is back after a bouncy appearance in the box, to show that the wise builder always has a backup plan.
Interview John Tomlinson 7 Young John Tomlinson gives us a primer on Strategy and Tactics in the arena.
Interview Levino Perrucci 5 Levino Perrucci tells what went wrong with Venale.
Interview Matt Hockenheimer 5 Matt Hockenheimer explains how Kobotsu dishes out the damage.
Interview Paul and Chris 5 Paul and Chris explain why their bot just doesn’t get along with those nasty internal combustion spinners.
Interview Peter Smith 5 Peter Smith discusses his robot, Xtreme Impax
Interview Roy Hellen 7 Roy Hellen interviews Robot Assaults biggest little fan.
Interview Steve Heard 5 Steve Heard explains how heavyweight Condor ticks.
Interview Steve Wilson 5 Steve Wilson brags (but not too much) about Street Thug.
Interview Steven Lemmer 5 Steven Lemmer describes the remains of Pipe Dream.
Interview TimeLapse 10 Timelapse movie of the construction of the Robot Assault Arena.
Interview Tony Falcetano 5 Tony Falcetano refuses to divulge the secret of PinchPoint’s layered armor.
Interview Wayne Molnar 5 Wayne Molnar describes his robots, Wardrums and Jacksauce
Interview Wet Arena 5 Happiness is a dry arena.
Antweight Conceptual Chaos vs. MBA 5 Continuing a proud tradition of autodefenestration, Conceptual Chaos runs over the multibot MBA and right out of the arena
Antweight Conceptual Chaos vs. Shazbot 5 Wild 2-wheeler vs. Lifter.
Antweight Destroyah vs. Smileybot 5 My son Alex pilots Destroyah.
Antweight Ladder to Hell vs. Spiffy Little Buddy 5 My son James at work again.
Antweight Ladder to Hell vs. Unknown 10 My son James wins his first real match! My rating may be slightly biased.
Antweight Micro Nightmare vs. Alabama Sweeper 8 Micro Nightmare takes on a dustpan.
Antweight Micro Nightmare vs. Unknown 7 An unexpected end to this fight.
Antweight Micro Nightmare vs. Unknown 8 Micro Nightmare vaporizes someone else.
Antweight Micro Nightmare vs. Unknown 8 Micro Nightmare vaporizes someone else again.
Antweight Micro Nightmare vs. Unknown 8 Micro Nightmare demonstrates why a powerful weapon and lots of angular momentum can sometimes work against you.
Antweight Not Too Nasty vs. Psychotic Ballerina 4 Wedge Not Too Nasty decides that “if you can’t beat them, join them” when matched up against spinner Psychotic Ballerina.
Antweight Not Too Nasty vs. Unknown 5 Wedges.
Antweight Poundcake vs. Alabama Sweeper 8 Drumbot Poundcake whacks up a storm with a dustpan.
Antweight Poundcake vs. Smileybot 5 Drum spinner poundcake wears away at Smileybot.
Antweight Poundcake vs. Superstition 7 Drumbot vs. Lifter
Antweight Poundcake vs. Unknown 4 Spinner vs. ? pushybot with bulldozer blade.
Antweight Shazbot vs. Gestalt Gastonade 1.1 5 Lifter vs. Trackbot.
Antweight Shazbot vs. Unknown 5 Shazbot the lifter vs. ?
Antweight Smileybot vs. Poundcake 7 Drumbot Poundcake spins up against Smileybot.
Antweight Spiffy Little Buddy vs. Poundcake 6 Little wedge vs. nasty drumbot.
Antweight Spiffy Little Buddy vs. ShazBot 5 Bulldozer Shazbot makes short work of Spiffy Little Buddy.
Antweight Spiffy Little Buddy vs. Unknown 5 Spiffy Little Buddy vs. ?
Antweight Superstition vs. Xylon 3 Supersitition and Xylon engage in a short pushing match.
Antweight Unknown vs. Shazbot 5 ? vs. Shazbot
Antweight Unknown vs. Unknown 3 Two wedges.
Antweight Unknown vs. Unknown 4 Two wedges.
Antweight Unknown vs. Unknown 5 ? vs. ?
Antweight Unknown vs. Unknown 5 ? vs. ?
Antweight Xylon vs. Unknown 5 Multibot Xylon vs. ?
Beetleweight 3PD vs. Fruitcake 7 Titanium drumbot 3PD vs. sawbot Fruitcake.
Beetleweight 3PD vs. Kontraption of Doom 8 Arch-rivals 3PD and Kontraption of Doom go at it, but 3PD is fighting without his pounding titanium drum…
Beetleweight Aim And Maim vs. Unknown 5 Pushybots.
Beetleweight Aim And Maim vs. Your Ultimate Doom 6 Wedges Aim And Maim and Your Ultimate Doom try to upend each other in a headon battle of traction.
Beetleweight Coffee Grinder vs. Unknown 5 Weird spinner vs. Weird Lifter.
Beetleweight Fruitcake vs. Silent but Deadly 7 Sparks fly when sawbot takes on spinner.
Beetleweight Fruitcake vs. Unknown 6 Sawbot Fruitcake vs. ?
Beetleweight Fruitcake vs. Your Ultimate Doom 3 Sawbot Fruitcake engages in a pushing match with wedge Your Ultimate Doom.
Beetleweight Kontraption of Doom vs. Nemo 5 Kontraption of Doom, the Salad Bowl from Hell, tries to knock some sense into a self-destructive Nemo.
Beetleweight Kontraption of Doom vs. Unlettered Understrapper 1.3 8 Trackbot Unlettered Understrapper must butt heads with the deadly spinning bowl of Kontraption of Doom.
Beetleweight Nemo vs. Aim And Maim 7 Spinner Nemo takes a chop or two at Aim And Maim.
Beetleweight Rock vs. Coffee Grinder 6 Spinners Coffee Grinder and Rock clash to see who’ll be the first to break.
Beetleweight Unknown vs. Aim And Maim 8 Another victim for Kontraption of Doom.
Beetleweight Unknown vs. Fruitcake 6 ? vs. sawbot Fruitcake.
Beetleweight Unknown vs. Nemo 3 Two spinners go at it. Need robot names for this one.
Beetleweight Unlettered Understrapper 1.3 vs. Fruitcake 6 Sawbot Fruitcake and tracked wedge Unlettered Understrapper 1.3 fight a back and forth match.
Beetleweight Worst Nightmare vs. Buzzkill 8 C02-powered flipper Buzzkill delivers a spanking to Worst Nightmare (what IS his weapon anyway?)
Hobbyweight 12lbs of Irritation vs. Cantankerous Cowpoke 0.9 5 12lbs of Irritation tries to cut his way through the tough hide of Cantankerous Cowpoke using his dual cutting discs.
Hobbyweight Alos vs. Flight Risk 8 Drumbot Alos faces the awesome gas-powered spinning blade of Flight Risk in this short but decisive battle.
Hobbyweight Alos vs. War Drums 8 Drumbots Alos and War Drums go at each other with no holds barred in this exciting battle that features a 2 1/2 flip with no twist. Even the East German judge thought it was pretty good.
Hobbyweight Alos vs. Xenophobia 7 Drum-equipped Alos and full-body spinner Xenophobia team up to set a new Hobbyweight long jump record!
Hobbyweight Cantankerous Cowpoke 0.9 vs. Massenmord 1 Cantankerous Cowpoke and Massenmord burn rubber in this pushybot showdown.
Hobbyweight Cantankerous Cowpoke 0.9 vs. Xenophobia 3 Pushybot Cantankerous Cowpoke 0.9 and spinner Xenophobia fight in a battle where the spinner doesn’t spin and the pusher can’t push.
Hobbyweight Hammer Head Jr. vs. PneuQ2 5 Hammer Head Jr. does a turtle imitation courtesy of PneuQ2’s pneumatic flipper.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. 12lbs of Imitation 6 P.I.T.B, king of the 12lb brickbots, and 12lbs of Imitation, a dual disc spinner, demonstrate Newton’s Third Law: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. Alos 5 P.I.T.B, the brick that just won’t die, deploys its trademark “Hit them with my head until they stop working” strategy on drumbot Alos.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. VBT12 5 Disc spinner VBT12 learns that “when the weapon breaks, the heart aches” when he has to try and demolish the brick-like P.I.T.B.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. WarDrums 7 Wardrums delivers hit after massive hit to tough brickbot P.I.T.B. But will it be enough?
Hobbyweight Pipe Dream vs. Ni 4 The classic wedge of Pipe Dream takes on Ni, a robot that appears to be constructed largely of duct tape, in a driver’s duel.
Hobbyweight PneuQ2 vs. War Drums 7 Two robots enter... But one robot leaves minus a bunch of parts when pneumatic flipper PneuQ2 faces the deadly drum of War Drums.
Hobbyweight Running with Scissors vs. Flight Risk 7 Running with Scissors, a classic 2-wheel wedge, tries to out-spin gasoline-powered undercutter Flight Risk.
Hobbyweight Solaris vs. PneuQ2 8 We find out what’s inside PneuQ2 when Solaris eviscerates it!
Hobbyweight Solaris vs. Running with Scissors 3 Wedgebot Running with Scissors stays intact but loses its mind when it knocks heads with drumbot Solaris.
Hobbyweight VBT12 vs. Cheep Shot 6 Pushybot Cheep Shot deploys UHMW countermeasures when faced with the vertical spinning disc of VBT12.
Hobbyweight War Drums vs. P.I.T.B. 5 Drumbots War Drums tries to chew through the thick armor of brickbot P.I.T.B.
Hobbyweight War Drums vs. Solaris 6 Drumbots War Drums and Solaris butt heads. Only their mother can tell them apart.
Hobbyweight WarDrums vs. Flight Risk 8 Flight Risk, a gasoline-powered spinner, literally loses its head when it takes on drumbot WarDrums!
Hobbyweight WarDrums vs. Ni 5 Drumbot Wardrums spends a lot of time on two wheels when it takes on classic wedge Ni.
Featherweight Anorexia vs. Eat Hitch and Die 5 Anorexia, piloted by my son James, engages in a friendly grudge match with Eat Hitch and Die. He’s a better driver than I am...
Featherweight Eat Hitch And Die vs. Aluminum Uprising 6 Aluminum Uprising adds some bizarre wooden bumpers to its frame in an attempt to defeat, or at least, confuse Eat Hitch and Die.
Featherweight Eat Hitch And Die vs. Persistant Itch 5 Bashbot Eat Hitch and Die and thwackbot Persistant Itch face off.
Featherweight Eat Hitch and Die vs. Sloppy Spelling 1.6 5 Eat Hitch and Die attempts to force feel his trailer hitch weapon to cage spinner Sloppy Spelling.
Featherweight Jacksauce vs. Anorexia 5 Wedges Anorexia and Jacksauce skate around the arena in a fight that will leave one of them hoist by his own petard.
Featherweight Jacksauce vs. Sloppy Spelling 1.6 6 Jacksauce learns an important lesson in this match with cage spinner Sloppy Spelling -- tighten the darn wheels!
Featherweight Jacksauce vs. Sunflower 5 Wedgebot Jacksauce, with a built-in lifter, faces the formidable spinning weapon of Sunflower.
Featherweight Little Rat 1.3 vs. Anorexia 2 Little Rat has trouble when ultra-thin wedge Anorexia corners it.
Featherweight Little Rat 1.3 vs. Eat Hitch And Die 2 Little Rat has reliability issues, but super-brick Eat Hitch and Die does not.
Featherweight Persistant Itch vs. Anorexia 5 Ultra-thin pushybot Anorexia learns you can indeed be too thin, as it keeps sliding under the railroad ties while fighting thwackbot Persistant Itch.
Featherweight Persistant Itch vs. Sunflower 6 The battle between thwackbot Persistant Itch and drumbot Sunflower becomes a driver’s duel after a massive hit sends Persistant Itch flying axe over wheels, but breaks Sunflower’s spinner in the process!
Featherweight Sloppy Spelling 1.6 vs. Eat Hitch And Die 5 Pushybot Eat Hitch and Die, equipped with a chrome trailer hitch as a weapon, pounds away at cage-spinning shufflebot Slopping Spelling 1.6.
Featherweight Sloppy Spelling 1.6 vs. Sunflower 5 “Weapon? I don’t need no stinking weapon!” says a battle-damaged Sunflower as it takes on cage spinner Sloppy Spelling.
Featherweight Sunflower vs. Aluminum Uprising 5 Lifter Aluminum Uprising learns too late that the favorite food of drumbot Solaris is… Aluminum!
Featherweight Sunflower vs. Helios 7 Drumbots Sunflower and Helios trade hits, culminating in an acrobatic 2 1/2 flip with a half twist. 5.9 5.8 5.9 and a 5.3 from the East German judge.
Featherweight Sunflower vs. Helios 7 Lightweight drumbots Helios and Sunflower trade shots in a battle that teaches an important lesson -- make sure your bot can’t balance on its side.
Featherweight Wild Gipper II vs. Helios 6 There’s more than enough kinetic energy to go around when sawbot Wild Gipper II and drumbot Helios “share the love.”
Lightweight Amish Rebellion vs. Bad Grammar 2.5 4 Cage Spinner Bad Grammar takes on the whirling disc of Amish Rebellion.
Lightweight Bad Grammar 2.5 vs. Code: Blacker 7 Sparks and shrapnel fill the arena as cage spinner Bad Grammar and gas-powered undercutter Code:Blacker duke it out!
Lightweight Buttercup vs. Bad Grammar 2.5 8 Bad Grammar goes head over heels, but not in love, when the cagey spinner takes on the powerful drum of Buttercup.
Lightweight Buttercup vs. ‘Cuda Spawn 7 Drumbot Buttercup and a battle-scarred ‘Cuda Spawn face off in the Lightweight Final.
Lightweight Buttercup vs. Pneusance 6 The high-velocity spinning drum of Buttercup can deal out the damage, but its massive gyroscopic moment makes the driving hazardous when it takes on flipper Pneusance.
Lightweight Buttercup vs. Pneusance 5 Buttercup has trouble getting its teeth into the sloped front panel of Pneusance, turning this fight into a positional duel.
Lightweight Buttercup vs. Street Thug 7 Drumbot Buttercup enters the arena with one goal in mind -- to make the Street Thug his bitch.
Lightweight Code: Blacker vs. Medulla Omblongata 7 Parts go flying in all directions when Code: Blacker gives retiring robot Medulla Omblongata a warrior’s death.
Lightweight ‘Cuda Spawn vs. Code:Blacker 7 ‘Cuda Spawn dons a custom “Keepaway Board” in its bid to defeat the deadly lawnmower blade sported by Code:Blacker (note: due to tapes running out, this fight is incomplete, but the video has all the interesting parts)
Lightweight ‘Cuda Spawn vs. Macrophage 2 A driver’s duel ensues when classic wedge ‘Cuda Spawn tussles with thwackbot Macrophage.
Lightweight Pnuesance vs. Medulla Omblongata 4 Lightweight flipper Pneusance attempts to help Medulla Omblongata get some frequent flier miles.
Lightweight Street Thug vs. Amish Rebellion 2 Horizontal disc spinner Amish Rebellion must face the madly bashing baseball bats of Street Thug.
Lightweight Street Thug vs. Buttercup 6 Batbot Street Thug and drumbot Buttercup mix it up in a flurry of impacts.
Lightweight Street Thug vs. ‘Cuda Spawn 5 ‘Cuda Spawn tries just about everything, including imitating a spinner, in an attempt to get the better of the bashing batbot known as Street Thug.
Lightweight Street Thug vs. Medulla Omblongata 5 Can pushybot Medulla Omblongata survive the punishment meted out by the demented baseball bats of Street Thug?
Middleweight Alabama Slammer vs. Heavy Metal Noise 9 Lifter Alabama Slammer and dual disc spinner Heavy Metal Noise trade flips and hits in a back and forth battle that will leave one of them stripped bare!
Middleweight Chaos Toaster vs. Green Wave 10 Powerful spinner Green Wave learns why top-heavy is a bad thing when you’re not invertable… and then things really go wrong!
Middleweight Chaos Toaster vs. Heavy Metal Noise 7 Heavy Metal Noise tries to get through the hard shell of Chaos Toaster to get at the chewy goodness thought to be on the inside.
Middleweight Chaos Toaster vs. Mad Dog 7 Thwackbot Chaos Toaster tries to give lawnmower spinner Mad Dog a meal of steel.
Middleweight Choppir vs. WarSaw 6 The sparks fly, but not for long, in this Middleweight championship match.
Middleweight First Step to Oblivion vs. Alabama Slammer 5 Lifter First Step to Oblivion faces off against flipper Alabama Slammer in a race to see who can get under the other first.
Middleweight First Step to Oblivion vs. Mad Dog 7 The vicious spinning blade of Mad Dog tries to abrade First Step to Oblivion. But will the notoriously unreliable internal combustion engine last long enough to deliver the knockout blow?
Middleweight Green Wave vs. X1 6 Classic wedgebot X1 has no choice but to take the hits when it takes on the bizarre spinning hammers of Green Wave.
Middleweight Heavy Metal Noise vs. Chaos Toaster 7 Heavy Metal Noise breaks one of its spinning teeth on the hard shell of Chaos Toaster. But even horribly unbalanced and bouncing around the arena, he is a formidable opponent.
Middleweight Heavy Metal Noise vs. Choppir 5 Dual-disc spinner Heavy Metal Noise faces Choppir in a match for a place in the finals.
Middleweight Mad Dog vs. William Tell 5 The fearsome undercutting lawnmower blade of Mad Dog, powered by a gasoline engine, looks to chop the bottom off of wedge William Tell. But internal combustion engines can be less than reliable…
Middleweight Venale vs. Heavy Metal Noise 7 Venale, sporting a lifting arm, has its work cut out for it as it faces the deadly dual discs of doom weilded by the ever-unpredictable Heavy Metal Noise.
Middleweight WarSaw vs. Alabama Slammer 7 The sparks fly when veteran Alabama Slammer, equipped with a sturdy lifting arm, takes on the high-speed slicing disc of WarSaw!
Middleweight WarSaw vs. Choppir 4 Accumulated damage becomes decisive when these two horizontal spinners tangle.
Middleweight WarSaw vs. Kobotsu 6 A 120lb robot goes flying end over end as these two powerful spinners go head-to-head!
Middleweight WarSaw vs. Mad Dog 5 Disc spinner WarSaw and lawnmower chopper Mad Dog take turns abrading each other.
Heavyweight Bambulance vs. MiniRip 6 It’s time to Rock the Arena as Bambulance and MiniRip collide head on!
Heavyweight Bambulance vs. Pinchpoint 5 Bambulance and Pinchpoint slam their way around the arena.
Heavyweight Bambulance vs. Polly Pushy Pants 7 The arena floor is the casualty when heavyweight pushybots Bambulance and Polly Pushy Pants butt heads!
Heavyweight MiniRip vs. Decapitator 7 It’s the Clash of the Titans as heavyweight pushybots MiniRip and Decapitor give each other, and the arena, a serious pounding.
Heavyweight MiniRip vs. Shrederator 10 The irresistable force meets the undestroyable object when the king of the full body spinners, Shrederator, tries to put a hurting on the heavily armored bulldozer that is MiniRip.
Heavyweight Mystery Bot vs. Decapitator 5 Flipper Mystery Bot tries to get under disc spinner Decapitator and give him some airtime.
Heavyweight Pinchpoint vs. Condor 7 Heavyweight spinners Pinchpoint and Condor duke it out in a box-shaking battle that convinces one of the cameramen that Pinchpoint’s out to get him!
Heavyweight Pinchpoint vs. Xtreme Impax 5 Full body spinner Xtreme Impax and dual disc spinner Pinchpoint tangle in this heavyweight bout.
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Polly Pushy Pants 5 The spinning disc of destruction known as Shrederator tries to gnaw through the thick steel armor of Polly Pushy Pants.
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Polly Pushy Pants 7 In their previous meeting, Polly Pushy Pants knocked Shrederator into the loser’s bracket. Now in the finals, can Shrederator get revenge?