TSN 2003 Videos (Robots)

This page contains all the recorded fights from the 2003 Triangle Series Nationals.

All the quicktimes use the 3ivx codec (which does a really superb job of keeping the file sizes down). 3ivx is a MPEG-4 codec, and the files should play fine if you've got the most recent Quicktime or Video for Windows.

These videos are © 2003 AnimEigo / MPMA. If you are a builder, you may make copies of the fights and interviews featuring your robot, for your personal use and for use on your team websites. All other use or redistribution is forbidden without written permission of MPMA and AnimEigo.

The rating (from 1-10) is my personal subjective rating of how interesting the fight would be to a general audience. Your mileage may vary. My apologies for any overly sarcastic comments, they are all the result of editing into the wee hours of the morning.

Some (most) of the quicktimes seem to have some background audio hiss. This is almost certainly a weird artifact of the audio compression codec I used, and isn't in the original audio source. I'll try and re-encode things when I get a chance.

**Class** **Video** **Rating** **Description**
Special The Judge 9 The Judge renders his verdict on the construction of the arena floor.
Special Various vs. Washing Machine 6 Big Bots abuse a poor, defenceless washing machine.
Special Various vs. Washing Machine 5 Little Bots heap more abuse on the washing machine.
Hobbyweight Terror Lite vs. Ricochet 4 Life’s tough when the other robot can slide under your spinning blade
Hobbyweight Wussy Wedge vs. Ricochet 3 Wedge vs. Wedge.
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. DAGGER 3 Weird little pushybots.
Hobbyweight P.B.S.R. vs. P.I.T.B. 4 It may be that Pushy Bots Still Rule but it's also true that editing fights where they keep zooming out of the frame is a Pain In The Butt.
Hobbyweight Lil Shocker vs. Sharkbait 3 Wedge vs. Wedge.
Hobbyweight Ricochet vs. DAGGER 3 Pushfest.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. Lil Shocker 5 Headbanging session. Some good full box rushes.
Hobbyweight Ricochet vs. Lil Shocker 5 Fair amount of floor-seam airtime for Ricochet.
Hobbyweight Terror Lite vs. Sharkbait 2 Blade-spinner vs. wedge
Hobbyweight Terror Lite vs. P.B.S.R. 4 Wedge vs. Helicopter spinner.
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. Uber Alles 3 Pushfest.
Hobbyweight P.B.S.R. vs. DAGGER 5 Driver's duel.
Hobbyweight Voices II vs. P.I.T.B. 4 Pushing match.
Hobbyweight P.B.S.R. vs. P.I.T.B. 3 Pushfest.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. Ricochet 3 Richochet's low wedge gets stuck, game over.
Hobbyweight P.I.T.B. vs. Lil Shocker 3 Pushfest.
Hobbyweight Various 5 Hobbyweight Rumble
Featherweight Squnkey vs. Premium Blend 6 Spinner Premium Blend flips Squnkey upside down, so it's only politeness that Squnkey returns the favor!
Featherweight Squnkey vs. Eat Hitch and Die 3 Pushybots butt heads.
Featherweight Squnkey vs. Peanut 3 Starts with multiple drive-bys, then a pushfest.
Featherweight Premium Blend vs. Eat Hitch and Die 5 Bashfest. Some good hits but no major damage to either bot.
Featherweight Premium Blend vs. Peanut 5 It ain't easy being a spinner when your opponent is so skinny he fits UNDER your blade.
Featherweight Eat Hitch and Die vs. Peanut 3 Pushybot driver's duel.
Featherweight Peanut vs. Eat Hitch and Die 5 Eat Hitch and Die gets some airtime leaping over Peanut's super-low wedge.
Lightweight Ground Zero vs. Bad Buzzard 7 Sparks fly when the dual flails of Bad Buzzard intersect with the spinning shell of Ground Zero.
Lightweight Wedge of Doom vs. Collision 5 Collision has control problems. Wedge of Doom does not. See Tony Drive! Drive Tony Drive!
Lightweight 2X4 vs. West Side Glory 10 Wedgebot West Side Glory treats gas-powered spinner 2X4 like an inflatable punching doll, and just like the doll, 2X4 keeps getting back on his feet!
Lightweight Code:BLACKER vs. Orca 7 The Lawnmower from Hell that is Code:BLACKER packs a devastating punch, but the engine can be unreliable at times...
Lightweight HalfPipe vs. HazMat 4 Pushybot vs. Wedge.
Lightweight Mini Madd vs. Ground Zero 8 When you only have two wheels, losing one makes it hard to keep on fighting... but having an opponent who can't resist hitting you again sure helps!
Lightweight Wedge of Doom vs. West Side Glory 6 Another demonstration of driving excellence leaves West Side Glory parked.
Lightweight YU812 vs. Orca 8 Things are going YU812's way until a single mistake causes it to turn turtle.
Lightweight HalfPipe vs. 2EZ 6 2EZ can't seem to do much damage to the heavily armored HalfPipe, so it decides that “if you can't beat them, join them”, and activates pushybot mode.
Lightweight Mini Madd vs. Wedge of Doom 5 Not a hugely exciting fight, but Tony once again shows he's a superb driver.
Lightweight Orca vs. 2EZ 7 Orca shows why it is one of the most underrated robots in the competition. Very fast and sweet.
Lightweight Mini Madd vs. Orca 5 Pushing and slapping match.
Lightweight West Side Glory vs. 2EZ 6 Spinner gets pushed around a lot.
Lightweight Collision vs. 2X4 7 Short but sweet, 2X4 executes a contract on Collision in a single hit.
Lightweight Bad Buzzard vs. HalfPipe 3 Push. Hit. Runaround. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Lightweight 2X4 vs. YU812 7 YU812 thinks it's a BeyBlade.
Lightweight Code:BLACKER vs. West Side Glory 7 Code:BLACKER's weapon is devastating, but if you can't reach your opponent, you can't kill him!
Lightweight HazMat vs. Ground Zero 4 Full BodySpinner vs. Wedge; a bit of gourmet damage at the end.
Lightweight HalfPipe vs. 2X4 6 HalfPipe tries a bum rush, knocks itself out, and despite helpful love taps from 2X4, keeps on snoozing.
Lightweight West Side Glory vs. Ground Zero 7 Ground Zero demonstrates the classic “turtle” failure mode of full-body spinners.
Lightweight 2X4 vs. Wedge of Doom 6 More acrobatic recoveries by 2X4 but becomes a pushing match after an exciting start.
Lightweight Wedge of Doom vs. West Side Glory 7 Another dynamic demonstration of driving domination by Tony B.
Lightweight Wedge of Doom vs. Orca 6 Wedge of Doom... Driver of Skill...
Lightweight Wedge of Doom vs. Mini Madd 5 Good effort by both drivers.
Lightweight Various 7 Nice multiway battle with lots of spinners and lots of sparks.
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Hworf 6 Undercutting spinner Hworf starts this fight upside-down, just to make it fair.
Middleweight Floor Jack vs. That Darn Dustpan! 10 Oooh! Sparks! Pretty! Oooh! Smoke! Smelly! Pneumatic flipper Floor Jack fights a back-and-forth battle with one of the most annoying robots ever, That Darn Dustpan!
Middleweight LionHeart vs. Megaton 4 Two wedge take turns bashing each other.
Middleweight Aneurysm vs. The Resistor 9 Powerful drumbot Aneurysm relentlessly stalks wedge The RESISTOR in a battle that redefines “Flying the Unfriendly Skies!”
Middleweight Stanley vs. Killjoy 6 It’s a case of the old “bump and grind” when wedgebot Stanley takes on spinner Killjoy (who seems to be wearing a funny hat)
Middleweight Major Punishment vs. Psychlotron 5 Wielding a pneumatic flail, Major Punishment tries to live up to his name when it faces the radical wedge of Psychlotron.
Middleweight Max Wedge vs. Hworf 5 Hworf lashes out, and Max Wedge takes it on the chin, until the weapon breaks...
Middleweight That Darn Dustpan! vs. LionHeart 7 That Darn Dustpan!, the crowd-pleasing robot that slices, dices, and makes julienne french-fries out of its opponents, has a tough fight against feisty wedge LionHeart.
Middleweight Aneurysm vs. Stanley 8 Aneurysm gives Stanley a lot of frequent flier miles, but then the smoke starts pouring out!
Middleweight Major Punishment vs. Devil's Plunger 3 Mostly a pushing match.
Middleweight Max Wedge vs. That Darn Dustpan! 5 Max Wedge avoids getting trashed by the Dustpan.
Middleweight Aneurysm vs. Devil's Plunger 8 Devil's Plunger tries not to pop a blood vessel in a smashing battle with Aneurysm.
Middleweight Max Wedge vs. Devil's Plunger 6 Bashfest, but some nice airtime.
Middleweight Floor Jack vs. Megaton 3 Floor Jack has one side not working, Megaton smokes a bit.
Middleweight The Resistor vs. Killjoy 1 One robot is DOA.
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Major Punishment 5 Thwackbot vs. Mace
Middleweight The Resistor vs. Lionheart 5 Wedge pushfest.
Middleweight Psychlotron vs. Hworf 7 A good old bounce around the box as slick wedge Psychlotron tries to tame the vicious undercutting blade of Hworf.
Middleweight Aftershock vs. Floor Jack 6 Thwackbot Aftershock tries to spin to win in a fight with flipper Floor Jack.
Middleweight LionHeart vs. Hworf 6 LionHeart looks into the eye of the tiger when it faces the massive chopping blade of Hworf.
Middleweight Floor Jack vs. That Darn Dustpan! 7 Floor Jack puts the dustpan in the trash.
Middleweight Hworf vs. Aneurysm 9 Oh the pain... the terrible pain...!
Middleweight Floor Jack vs. Aneurysm 8 Unfortunately for Floor Jack, Aneurysm does all the flipping in this battle.
Middleweight Aneurysm vs. Devil's Plunger 8 Devil's Plunger shows no fear of the mighty drum of Aneurysm.
Middleweight Devil's Plunger vs. Max Wedge 6 Good active wedge duel.
Heavyweight Conquering Clown vs. Warrior / Ricochet 5 The bizarre Conquering Clown has its hands full when it faces the team of Warrior (200 lbs) and Ricochet (12 lbs).
Heavyweight Sewer Snake vs. MiniRip 8 A head-on charge leads to some unexpected frequent flier miles in this short but exciting battle.
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Hexadecimator 10 Showers of titanium sparks erupt as full body spinner Shrederator grinds away at veteran flipper Hexadecimator.
Heavyweight REDRUM vs. Conquering Clown 7 Red Drum demonstrates why everyone loves a dead clown.
Heavyweight Tornado Mer vs. CrabMeat 6 CrabMeat, an unusual robot with no real armor, will be DeadMeat if it can't fend off the spinning blade of Tornado Mer.
Heavyweight Megabyte 3.0 vs. Sewer Snake 7 Sewer Snake deploys a “keep-away” stick to fend off the deadly spinning shell of Megabyte
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Tekka Maki 8 Über-spinner Shrederator faces off against drumbot Tekka Maki in a high-energy battle.
Heavyweight REDRUM vs. Tornado Mer 9 Tornado Mer shows us why you can't keep a good robot upside down!
Heavyweight Megabyte 3.0 vs. Tekka Maki 10 How do you beat a full-body spinner? Whack your face into them and hope they flip over!
Heavyweight Tornado Mer vs. Megabyte 3.0 8 Short but very, very sweet; Ti sparks everywhere.
Heavyweight Warrior vs. Shrederator 9 Warrior will need to deploy all its defensive armor in this confrontation with the deadly Shrederator.
Heavyweight MiniRip vs. CrabMeat 6 MiniRip tries to shovel dirt on CrabMeat.
Heavyweight Hexadecimator vs. Conquering Clown 7 All... Clowns... Must... Die... Kill... Clowns... Kill... Clowns...
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Sewer Snake 8 Shrederator attempts to demonstrate the truth about robots -- crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.
Heavyweight CrabMeat vs. Hexadecimator 8 A partially naked Hexadecimator takes on a totally naked CrabMeat!
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. REDRUM 10 Shrederator bangs the Drum, but not lightly!
Heavyweight Hexadecimator vs. Tekka Maki 7 Changing its mind is a robot's perogative -- and Hexadecimator just can't decide if it likes Tekka Maki better upside down or rightside up!
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Hexadecimator 10 Shrederator completes the job of disassembling Hexadecimator in a match that goes beyond Gourmet Damage -- this is Cordon Blue Damage!
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Tornado Mer 9 Ouch... That... Hurts...
Heavyweight Shrederator vs. Megabyte 3.0 9 A crippled and half-naked Shrederator looks into the jaws of death... and jumps into them.
Super-Heavyweight Mer Madd vs. Ashley 3 Pushing match.
Super-Heavyweight Shovelhead vs. Little Blue Engine 3 Pushing match.
Super-Heavyweight The Judge vs. The Black Knight 9 The Judge attempts to impose a death sentence on the Black Knight, who responds most unchivalrously!
Super-Heavyweight Mer Madd vs. Shrederator-Supreme 10 Classic battle between a sturdy flipper and a devastating spinner.
Super-Heavyweight Shovelhead vs. The Black Knight 8 Short but sweet, and an unexpected ending.
Super-Heavyweight Mer Madd vs. Shovelhead 7 Mer Madd uses the arena to its advantage.
Super-Heavyweight Little Blue Engine vs. The Judge 9 Little Blue Engine sports a huge spring-like keep-away stick, but The Judge is intent on delivering its verdict!
Super-Heavyweight Ashley vs. The Black Knight 5 Noisy pushing match, some good lifts by Black Knight.
Super-Heavyweight The Judge vs. Shrederator-Supreme 9 The judge commits a crime -- grand theft truck tire -- as part of a desperate legal manuever to slow down Shrederator-Supreme!
Super-Heavyweight The Black Knight vs. Shrederator-Supreme 7 Shrederator Supreme grants The Black Knight a quick and merciful death.
Super-Heavyweight Shrederator-Supreme vs. Shovelhead 7 Shrederator Supreme methodically removes parts from Shovelhead.
Super-Heavyweight Shrederator-Supreme vs. Mer Madd 8 Mer Madd flips Shrederator Supreme the bird.
Mechwars390lb BugBite vs. Twister 5 Spinner largely ineffective.
Mechwars390lb BugBite vs. Unknown 4 Pushing Match. Thanks for the smoke, Terry!
Mechwars390lb Psychotic Reaction vs. Trifecta 6 Hot 2-on-1 wedge action.
Mechwars390lb Psychotic Reaction vs. Unknown 4 Pushing Match
Mechwars390lb Son of Whyachi vs. Son of Zeus 8 Nitro Son of Whyachi fills the arena with clouds of toxic fumes. Two words, Terry: Catalytic Converter!
Mechwars390lb Son of Zeus vs. Psychotic Reaction 4 Pushing Match.
Mechwars390lb Trifecta vs. BugBite 6 Bugbite tries to become a spinner.
Mechwars390lb Trifecta vs. Psychotic Reaction 6 Championship Match: Nice wedge battle.
Mechwars390lb Twister vs. Abbatoir 6 Two spinners smash, one stops working.
Mechwars390lb Twister vs. Trifecta 6 The pair of Wedges confusingly named Trifecta tag-teams spinner Twister.
Mechwars390lb Unknown vs. Son of Zeus 3 Pushing Match.