Trebor's Obnoxious Lunchmeat Detector (Projects)

*Not only obnoxious, but obsolete as well!*

TOLD (Trebor's Obnoxious Lunchmeat Detector) was a “helper application” for Macintosh mailserver programs. Currently, it only supports EIMS (Eudora Internet Mail Server)

TOLD examines every e-mail that passes through the mailserver and tests it against a sophisticated set of filters. If it detects suspicious text or patterns that make it likely that the e-mail is a spam (or contains a virus), it adds extra headers to the e-mail noting what it found.

The e-mail is then delivered to the recipient (TOLD never deletes e-mail). The recipient may then use a simple set of filters in her mail reading application (ie: Eudora, Outlook, etc) to decide what to do with the e-mail.

TOLD filters are all XML based, and TOLD automatically downloads the latest version of them from this website at regular intervals. You can also create your own filters.

TOLD can also query a number of DNS-based blacklists if you so desire.

For more details, download it and RTFM! (grin)

©2002 Robert Woodhead.

TOLD is tipware. Use it for free, send me what you think it's worth.

Written in RealBasic. Use at your own risk (not because it's written in RealBasic, because it's written by me!)