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 +==== Easter Egg Instructions ====
 +If you backed the Riding Bean project at one of the higher levels, you will find one or two Easter Egg codes in your account status email.
 +To enter your code(s), access the Special menu. After an intro, you will end up at a map of Chicago with 11 marked locations that appear in the anime.
 +Each code is 11 characters long, and represents a courier route that passes through all the locations. All codes start with B (Bean'​s Hideout) and end in G (the Garage). The letters in the code correspond to the first letter in the location name.
 +  * Bean's Hideout
 +  * Downtown
 +  * Estate
 +  * Interstate Highway
 +  * Junkyard
 +  * Loop
 +  * Mall
 +  * No-Tell Motel
 +  * Police Station
 +  * Truckstop
 +  * Garage
 +If your code ends in a *, this means you signed up / upgraded after the disc was locked for replication. We added some extra certificates to the discs with the names of fictional characters, and you were assigned one of these.
 +You can navigate through the locations by pressing RIGHT or LEFT to move to the next location to the next location horizontally (regardless of vertical position on the map), or UP or DOWN to move vertically (regardless of horizontal position). Press ENTER to select a location.
 +If you enter your code correctly, you'll be shown your certificate. If you don't, you... won't. :)
 +This video may help you understand how it works: