Oomori Kinuko


DOB: 05/27/1967
Birthplace: Aoyama, Japan


Attentive watchers will have noticed that Oomori Kinuko had not performed any of the solo vocals after Part 3, “Blow Up.” This was because she had landed a singing contract with, to quote Fujita Junji, President of Youmex, and Executive and Music Producer for Bubblegum Crisis, “a certain record company,” and her contractual obligations effectively prevented her from singing solo in the series.

Those same watchers may also note that, despite such statements, Oomori is back performing a solo vocal in this episode: the theme song, “Chase the Dream.” If you're wondering what gives, or even if you're not, there is an explanation. According to Mr. Fujita, around the time this episode was originally in production (mid-to-late 1990), Oomori Kinuko was forming a new band, SILK. When the video was originally released in Japan (January, 1991), SILK also released its first album, also called “SILK.” The connection is that “Chase the Dream” was originally recorded by SILK for its debut album, and borrowed afterward by Youmex for use as this episode's theme. A similar thing happened with “Mr. Dandy,” the ending theme to the original “Bubblegum Crisis” (now officially called “Tinsel City”), which was originally recorded by a band named “Bluew” (no misprint) for their debut mini-album, before being included in the video.

By the way, the band SILK takes its name from Oomori Kinuko's nickname, SILK, which is itself derived from the Kanji “Kinu” in her name, Kinuko, which literally translates as “Silk.”