Tomizawa Michie


DOB: 10/20/1961
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Agent: Aoni Production1)

Tomizawa Michie was born on December 20, 1961 in Nagano, Japan. She was raised in the Takasaki, Gunma 2). Through her career, Tomizawa would go on to voice many legendary characters, including Bubblegum Crisis's Linna Yamazaki and Sakura Taisen's Sumire Kanzaki.

Tomizawa formally announced that the would retire from video game voice acting in 2001 3). Her final game would be Sakura Taisen 4, which hit Japanese retailers on March 21, 2002 4). Rather than replace her voice, Sega instead retired Sumire Kanzaki, the character she portrayed. As a final farewell to the character, the OVA Sakura Taisen: Sumire was produced, with the final product hitting on December 18, 2002 5).

Since her retirement from games, Tomizawa has been semi-active in anime voice acting. She's voiced roles in several higher-profile titles, including Black Lagoon and One Piece.